Established in 2002 with the aim of producing office furniture against mediocrity, Mod Tasarım has become an architectural design center with the designs it has made by considering the person and the space as a whole, and with the difference it has brought to the sector with its R&D investment. It left its mark on the Istanbul Furniture Fair, which is the “Furniture Fair”. With its professional team that always meets the demands of the manufacturers and brings their projects together with the consumers in line with their needs, Mod Design both produces and designs solutions and furniture for call centers, office furniture, office separations and office systems with the support of “interior architecture”. Mod Design offers not only office furniture, but also all the items that will be necessary for an office. Making its mark on the sector with the use of A-class quality materials and exporting to over 100 countries, Mod Tasarım has signed more than 3,500 offices for over 200 thousand employees. Mod Design continues its activities in R&D studies at full speed with 103 design registered products in 13 separate files, 9 TÜBİTAK certificates and 8 TSE certificates. At the fair, Asel Operational, Asel Manager, Cologne, Alp Dolap presented the “Modular Office” as the most popular design of today, the “Room with Wheels”, which is a first in Turkey, and its solutions, one of the most striking solutions of the sector.


With its 5,500 square meter facility in Istanbul and over 100 employees, Ercan, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mod Tasarım, adds a vision of “design, sustainability and multidisciplinarity” to office furniture, office design, common space and workspace architecture. Sicim said, “As Mod Tasarım, we have become the center of “Architectural Design” with a strong knowledge about integrated office solutions. We invest in R&D and bring firsts to the sector. We have grown rapidly since the first day and as Mod Tasarım, we have created our own partner brands under our roof. We have specialized in our sector with our wide range of A+ quality products that meet different needs and are the leading production  We became one of the centers. We are happy to have signed offices with “Multidisciplinary design”, which is the unchangeable rule of quality, especially in offices. This year, purchasing delegations from more than 80 countries show great interest in our industry and our brand. Because of the interest, we definitely foresee an increase of more than 200 percent in our 2022 production planning.

Mod Design’s Chairman of the Board Ercan Sicim, “Mod Design, as a first in Turkey with the pandemic, reflects the concept of “hybrid office” on designs, with the prolongation of working remotely in workspaces. With the fact that we understand the importance of working together in the office together, Mod Design’s original designs with the vision of “maximum efficiency and sustainability” in office architecture for collaborative working, the diversity of designs experienced in decoration, office furniture and office architecture in working environments and areas together by 2022, We present free and original modular offices and all remarkable trends at the fair. As Mod Design  , when it comes to office furniture and solutions, the “architectural design” touch always comes first for us.  By increasing our production every year for 22 years and expanding our exports, we present our office furniture, which attracts worldwide attention with our A+ quality, to the experience of the interested parties, our sector, purchasing committees and users in this important fair. In 2022, most of us returned to our offices, some of us  We made an office arrangement in the home areas. The pandemic process has increased the interest in office separation partitions. From improved office furniture, accessories and modern office designs that take comfort to the next level, this process has inspired all workplaces.  Providing flexible and adaptable workspaces is our new reality. And for this, we carry the future of offices even further with “adaptive workspaces”. The demand for office furniture is the first sign that the wheels of the economy and production are turning, as we establish new offices and contribute to the renovation processes of the offices with our production as Mod Design, our contribution to our brand and economy makes us happy. R&D, design, architectural point of view and material quality in the first place are our sine qua non, and for this purpose, we will continue production by continuing our investments”.

With its functional office furniture, Mod Tasarım, Rubi By, Mod Panel, Ofisci offers furniture, separation, table, meeting tables, armchair-sofa and storage solutions products for all offices, institutions, organizations and call centers. As a design center, it establishes “Transformable office spaces” by offering partner architecture services with its solution partner Dita Architecture.

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