Mod Design, a design center that considers art and space as a whole and aims at timeless design, puts its signature on office design and workspace architecture with offices with “Multidisciplinary design”.

Mod Design Chairman of the Board Ercan Sicim said, “Design should not only be understood as visual beauty, it means a beautiful design; To be useful means to be user-friendly, to be durable, to be comfortable means to be comfortable, to be functional. That’s why we consider many parameters while designing and we try to find the optimum result by working multidisciplinary. We believe that these should be the basis of interior design projects. Office design means serious intellectual processes. As a company that has devoted 20 years to office interior design, office furniture production and project implementation, we attach importance to “Multidisciplinary design” in offices and we draw attention to this trend in 2022.”

“As Mod Design, we have been adapting our production to the ever-changing needs of working environments for more than 20 years, designing and producing the most important areas such as offices, company headquarters, office areas and common living areas of important points such as hospitals and airports, which have made their name known in Turkey and the world, and hundreds of offices that we produce. We continue by equipping it with furniture. Ercan Sicim said, “We design functional, flexible and idea-generating offices with our expert team.” The pandemic process has increased the interest in office separation partitions. From improved office furniture, accessories and modern office designs that take comfort to the next level, this process has inspired all workplaces. Providing flexible and adaptable workspaces is our new reality. And for this, we carry the future of offices further with “adaptive workspaces”.

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