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Mod Design, with its holistic approach to the open office concept, has managed to view the floor, furniture, acoustics and partition system as a single and total success, and has continued to develop many successful processes with its structure that also offers individual solutions with its sub-brands.
Established in 2002 and since then, we have been designing and manufacturing office furniture in our 5,500m2 facility in Istanbul with +60 employees.


Rubi by continues its innovations to increase efficiency in call centers. Rubi by has become a leading brand in its field by providing solutions for the needs of call centers. For example, thanks to the sound absorbing products designed for call centers, the problem of voice interference in the call center has been eliminated to a great extent. Solutions such as acoustic sound system and textile air duct are the solutions provided by Rubi by Mod Tasarım.
Separation Systems was established to meet all kinds of partition needs of open offices with its patented special products. It is the job of Separation Systems to create private spaces in multi-working environments, regardless of the number of employees. Separation Systems meet the need for partitions in every category and size needed between the floor and the ceiling, between the departments or between the desks.

Adopting the end-to-end office design, the office designs your living spaces with office chairs, executive, chief, waiting, working chairs, computer chairs, guest chairs, sofas and chairs.

Dita Architecture starts with listening to businesses, takes their requests and gives employees a new experience. It establishes innovative offices that are suitable for working disciplines and that allow both socialization and focus in the concept of open office.

Let's Design Your Dream Office Together.

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